The Veiled Threat

The Veiled Threat is a large club in the Red Light District of Nar Shaddaa. It is a high end club, frequented by slumming rich, criminal masterminds, and trendy club hoppers.

Information can be purchased here, as well as mercenaries and assorted services. Privacy is provided, although one must expect that information left carelessly in sight might be sold to a bidder who can pay more to have it than you’d pay to keep it hidden.

There are four known floors: basement arena, lower gambling hall with low bets, main area with dance floor, top floor for VIPs with no betting limit on gambling.

It is a safe location for business transactions of even the shadier sort, although there is a house fee of 30%.

House band: Zero Cypher.

Pyrakao – Owner
Iaii Lisstri – Night Manager
Aurora Fa – Day Manager
Sul – Head of Security (?)

Notable figures: Ava, Bzan Jopol

The Veiled Threat

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